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Results: Best of Kunming 2011

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Voting is over and the results have been tallied for the Best of Kunming 2011 awards. And the winners are:

Best Chinese Cuisine
1910 La Gare du Sud
Runners up: Kadilan, Nianlun

Best International Cuisine
Runner up: Salvador's Coffee House

Best Ethnic Minority Cuisine
Runners up: Xinjiang Tianshan Muslim Restaurant, Laodianmian 320 Daiwei Canba

Best Fine Dining
Runner up: Cacao Mexican Restaurant

Best New Restaurant
Cacao Mexican Restaurant
Runner up: Lost Garden

Best Coffee
Salvador's Coffee House
Runner up: As You Like

Best Bar
The Mask
Runner up: The Box

Best Live Music Venue
The Mask
Runner up: Laba

Best Night Club
The Club
Runner up: Babi

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up, and thank you to all the readers who took the time to vote. Winners will receive framed certificates commemorating their selection as the Best of Kunming in the very near future.

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Next year include a 'best breakfast' category!

The Mask would like to give our biggest thanks to all the GoKunming readers that voted for us, and to GoKunming and all those that keep it going for the wonderful service that they provide the foreign community here in Kunming. Taking out these awards is both an honour and the best encouragement to keep on working hard to improve and keep the fun times coming in 2012.

Our sincerest and warmest thanks, The Mask.

@walter: Thanks for the suggestion.

@The Mask, congratulations and thanks for the kind words. BTW, we serve the English-speaking/literate community, which of course includes most foreigners, but also many locals!

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