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Forums > Living in Kunming > Halloween?

The Mask in Kundu will be throwing a Halloween party on the Wednesday night, 31 October, with Lao Han's Reggae band and DJ DSK providing the tunes. There will also be prizes for best costumes. Hope to see you there!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking to join a band

The Mask bar in Kundu has an open mic every monday night. We get musicians of all levels down there. Great place to meet like minded people. Hopefully see you down there!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Undeground electronic music

Actually kunming has a pretty healthy electronic scene. Every weekend you'll be able to catch at least one DJ playing more underground stuff somewhere in town.

We do a weekly electronica night on Wednesdays. We put on local talent as well as in town foreign DJs. We also have DJs that spin most genres of electronica including minimal, electro and to a certain extent acid every other weekend or so.

You can find a link to us on this website, check out the events section for our events or check out our facebook page at:


Hope to see you down here,
The Mask


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The Mask would like to give our biggest thanks to all the GoKunming readers that voted for us, and to GoKunming and all those that keep it going for the wonderful service that they provide the foreign community here in Kunming. Taking out these awards is both an honour and the best encouragement to keep on working hard to improve and keep the fun times coming in 2012.

Our sincerest and warmest thanks, The Mask.


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