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Video: 500KM City Music Festival

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This video from the 500KM City Music Festival – shot by Hugh Bohane and edited by Kris Ariel – is a good overview of the music and other highlights of the two-day event. Background music is performed by Shanren Band.

Thanks to Hugh and Kris for their video contribution. If you have interesting video that you would like to share with GoKunming readers, feel free to get in touch via our contact form.

Expo Garden image: Hugh Bohane

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Hey, the Great Apes want to thank Hugh for all the pix and video of the festival. We had a blast! Hopefully there will be more and more of these things in KM. Now if anyone sees a black Epiphone frankentsein Les Paul with Gibson P-94 pickups floating around the scene... Let us know!

I like this Shan Ren song, what's it about? In Beijing I saw 2 very intimate little performances from them. It was so great and their way of playing brings so much good energy to the neighborhood. The video is well done, so Kris thanks a lot! Hugh and GoKunming of course too. A review of the 500 Li has also been put on China Music Radar this week.


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