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GoKunming New Year's Eve Preview

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New Year's Eve is once again upon us. Here is what's happening locally over the weekend. Check back for late-arriving updates and feel free to leave a comment if you know of any other New Year's events going on around Kunming. Be safe and have fun.

New Year's Eve Meals: (see below for further information regarding concerts and other events this weekend)

Friday: New Year's banquet at TCG Nordica
TCG Nordica will host a New Year's Eve dinner beginning at 5pm, followed by a concert which starts at 8pm. Reservations are required.


Friday: Rock show at The Hump Bar
The Hump Bar features live music from The Tribal Moons & Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project. The show will be followed by 50s, 60s & 70s music. It all starts at 9pm.

Friday: Reggae concert at Camel Bar
Live reggae from Sigangli (司岗里) at Camel Bar's New Year's Eve party. Festivities begin at 9pm and entry is free.

Friday: New Year's Eve party at The Box
Beginning at 6pm, The Box will have several drink specials including: 5 New Year's Shots for 28 yuan, Beerlao pitchers (1.5L) for 28 yuan, Margarita pitchers (1.5L) for 28 yuan and sparkling wine by the glass for 25 yuan. Entry is free.

Friday: New Year's Eve/closing party at Uprock
The last chance to party in 2010 will also be the last chance to hang out at Uprock. New Year's is Uprock's last hurrah. There will be drink specials, giveaways, freebies and music all night long.

Friday: 1895 Movie Bar's New Year's Eve party
David and Steve ring in the new year at 1895 Movie Bar. A live debate regarding the goods and bads of the year will be set to music starting at 10 p.m. Free tequila shots will be served at midnight. 10 yuan tequila shots before and after 2011 arrives. Entry is free.

Friday: 1896 Sports Bar's New Year's Eve party
Mystery man performs solo and acoustic at 1896 Sports Bar. Entry is free and the show begins at 10pm. Free tequila shots will be served at midnight. 10 yuan tequila shots before and after 2011 arrives.

Friday: New Year's Eve live music at Laowo Bar
Starting at 9pm, Laowo Bar will have performances by Mayuan Poets/The Secret Flight Trip/Requiem. Entry is 20 yuan.

Saturday: Live music at 1895 Movie Bar
At 1895 Movie Bar Joost and friends fit right in with acoustic sounds to soothe you after the New Year. This free show starts at 10pm and sangria will be on special for 18 yuan.

Saturday: Party at 1896 Sports Bar
David and Steve try to hold things together at 1896 Sports Bar after the New Year. The party is free and starts at 10pm. Sangria is on special for 18 yuan.

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