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Video: The Tribal Moons at Uprock

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This past Halloween, Kunming-based band The Tribal Moons performed their brand of bluesy rock at Uprock. Kunming resident Kris Ariel caught the action on video from the stage.

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Thanks Kris and Chris :)
I just love this band, and will roadie for them any time.


Disconnect your VPN first before playing.


Thanks to Xiao Kris & Fan Fan for filming Halloween night here in Kunming. More than 450 people paid to have fun with 3 good bands. The video shows our whole set...at least check out a few tunes and the people crowd surfing,dancing and being wild...I'm glad Gokunming is looking for people to contribute videos like this...
See you New Year's Eve...Happy Holidays.
Nevada (The Tribal Moons)

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