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Capoeira in Kunming

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Throughout Kunming there are ample opportunities to study Chinese martial arts including taijiquan (aka taichi), gong fu (kung fu) and ba gua. Korean tae kwon do is also becoming popular.

The Brazilian martial art of capoeira has also had a small but devoted following in Kunming for the last few years, led by Australian Michael Foster. Capoeira blends martial arts, dance, music and acrobatics. Interested? Here are the essentials about Grupo Bantus Capoeira in Kunming:

Class Times:
Tuesday and Friday, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
(No class during Chinese public holidays)
Or go down to Green Lake Park (cuihu gongyuan)on most fine Sundays at 2pm (no class fee)

Tao Yoga Centre (Next to Origus Pizza Works, opposite the Renmin Road McDonald's)
Tian Hao Sports Building, 4th floor
11 Renmin Lu

One-off pass: 20 yuan
Ten-visit pass: 150 yuan

Michael: 13608813841

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