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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Stuck working over the weekend to make up for your Dragon Boat Festival holiday? Planning on sneaking out anyway to watch some World Cup football? Don't forget to check out yesterday's post about venues for watching the World Cup.

Friday: NBA finals at Lazy Bones
In game three of the NBA championship finals the LA Lakers went up two games to one against the Boston Celtics in the best of seven series. Lazy Bones Restaurant will show game four this morning at 9am as Boston tries to even the series at home.

Friday: All-you-can-eat BBQ at Sandra's
The barbecue at Sandra's tonight will feature burgers, lamb, chicken and sausages. The meal costs 100 yuan and reservations are required: call 15825267010.

Friday: Mediterranean dinner at Cat's Cradle
The Mediterranean-Italian dinner cooked by Neapolitan chef Arianna will be served at 8pm tonight at Cat's Cradle Café. Reservations are required: call 5168778.

Friday: Dance party at The Hump Bar
DJ La Revancha De La Inca will be furnishing the music at The Hump Bar tonight for a "multy culty dance party." The free party starts at 9pm.

Friday: 1896 Sports Bar grand opening
1896 Sports Bar is officially throwing open its doors tonight. The new bar is located across the street from the main entrance of Yueyatan Park on Jinse Dadao. The party will feature 30 percent off all beer and liquor, World Cup football on seven TV screens and two projectors, and live music by The Great Apes between matches. The party kicks off at 9pm.

Saturday: Lazy Bones Steak Night
Lazy Bones will have steak night on Saturday. The meals include a 350 gram imported steak, salad and fries and costs 75 yuan. The event will run from 6 to 10pm.

Saturday: Music at The Hump Bar
DJ Agbadza will be choosing tropical music and there will be live voodoo drumming at The Hump Bar on Saturday. The free party starts at 9pm.

Saturday: Football party at Laowo Bar
I Am Not A Robot—"the artist formerly known as DJ Rich"—will provide a mix of pop, rock and dance at Laowo Bar on Saturday leading up to the 2:30am England vs. U.S. football match. Throughout the night one yuan will be donated to Hope Schools (希望小学) for every bottle of Beer Lao sold. The party is free and the music starts at 9:30pm.

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wasn't Uprock supposed to re-open this weekend?

The official Uprock re-opening party is next Friday, 18th.

This Sunday and throughout next week Uprock will be running a soft opening to work out all the kinks before we fully open.

Everybody is welcome to come down for Sunday's event (the Norwegian DJs + Xiao Kris party).

Please be aware that we will not be fully stocked with all of the beers on our menu. Some of our staff may be beyond useless. At the time of writing our TVs can only be hooked up to internet feeds as our TV signal is too weak, the speakers aren't fully levelled, the place smells of paint and bleach, and a whole host of other aesthetic issues.

We're working really hard to get the place fully ready by 18th June so, please, if you do come over the next 6 days, be patient with us but feel free to give us any feedback. This is the week when we fine-tune.

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