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China blogs: McRefugees, China's most interesting dinner party, iPads

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Where would you go in Chengdu if you had nowhere to kip for the night but didn't feel the need for a real bed? How about KFC or McDonald's? Shanghaiist translates a report on Shanghai's McRefugees, who huddle in fast-food chains and get hassled by security guards night after night. Part two here.

The knowledgeable people involved with Sinica have recorded two more China-discussion podcasts this week, one on bias in the Western media and the other about labor unrest in China. For your information, their podcasts have been described by one commentator as like being at "China's most interesting dinner party," so you should probably have a listen and see how your dinner parties measure up.

Josh over at Xinjiang: Far West China (requires proxy to access) is on a roll this week, writing about the secret to perfect Xinjiang kebabs and analyzing the Internet ban and the new Xinjiang development plan, but he tops it all by writing a series of posts on Uyghur marriages. It turns out, like in many other places, you should start with the bachelor's party and end with embarrassing dancing.

Xinhua's Deputy Chief Editor Xia Lin is possibly somewhat regretting a lecture he recently gave to students at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. In it he detailed how Xinhua sanitizes the news for mass consumption, with examples including a astronaut's bloody face being wiped clean for a smiling photo-op, and it's since been spreading quickly on the web. China Digital Times translates. (Requires proxy to access)

Thinking about buying an iPad in China? To makes you appreciate it a bit more, find out about the long and complicated route it took to get to these shores before the official release, over at Fool's Mountain. (Requires proxy to access)

Finally, Elliot Ng at CN Reviews shares his thoughts on this week's 21st anniversary of 1989 protests and suggests modern China is too busy to remember, loading the post with lots of links to recent news and comment on the anniversary.

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