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Cross-Strait cooperation leads to arrest

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One of the suspects in Taiwan's biggest armored vehicle robbery was arrested on Wednesday in Kunming, according to Chinese media reports. Lee Han-yang is suspected of participating in a US$1.72 million armored vehicle heist in the Taiwanese city of Shindian on January 2.

In an interesting bit of cross-Strait cooperation, Yunnan police were notified by Taiwan police that the ex-police officer Lee, 45, had a brother doing business in Yunnan province. Yunnan police emphasized that Lee's brother is not a suspect in the robbery case.

None of the money was found with Lee when he was arrested in a car with three workers from the mainland, Yunnan police have reportedly stated that they believe the money could still be in Taiwan.

On January 2, Lee was scheduled to escort cash to a bank in Shindian by noon. At two that afternoon, one of Lee's coworkers called the office of the armored car company where they worked. The coworker had been inexplicably unconscious and awoke locked inside the armored vehicle with no trace of Lee. One hour later, the company reported to local police that 56 million New Taiwan Dollars of the 79.2 million in the vehicle had gone missing. Police estimate the cash stolen weighed roughly 50-60 kilograms.

There is one other suspect in the robbery still at large.

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