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China blogs: Light-bulb eater, wannabe celebs, megamall town

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It seems as though Sichuan produces a never-ending stream of strange news: The latest is the light bulb-munching man who's crunched over 1,500 bulbs in 42 years, as picked up on by Shanghaiist. Is there something in the water here?

This week, a Sichuan Conservatory of Music student from Nanchong has caused waves on singing competition Superboy by daring to dress as a girl (that's him below). He says cross-dressing is his normal, daily style, and netizens have been standing up for him after he was repeatedly interrupted by the judge asking him to prove he is indeed male. Go to China Hush for the story and reactions.

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In case you've ever been tempted to go on a reality-TV show, Danwei offers a cautionary tale: the frustrations and fall-out after one foreigner's brush with fame on the Hunan reality dating show Fei Cheng Wu Rao.

Bored of eating the usual gongbao jiding and ganbian sijidou and in need of some culinary inspiration? Check out this list of top Chinese and Asian cuisine-related blogs, including (the unfortunately and inexplicably blocked) Pepper's Food and Drink in Chengdu blog, which seems to be attempting the endless task of covering all the small and humble eateries across the city.

Sometimes it's hard to find some space in Chinese cities, but you'll be pleased to hear that not every China is hopelessly overcrowded. If you want to escape people but still live a life of luxury with sculpted gardens, malls, and villas, you could head to the empty city of Kangbaishi. Mark's China Blog (also requires proxy to access) reports on the curious case of that Inner-Mongolian town as part of his "Chinese cities you've never heard of, but should know" series.

Finally, the recent tragic spate of violent attacks on school children has got everyone trying to comprehend the incomprehensible. China/Divide's Stan Abrams looks at various motivating factors behind the attacks while Danwei examines why one attack was kept out of the news.

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