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China blogs: Pure Chinese, student film shorts, crazy tombs

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CCTV is being discouraged from using English acronyms in its news reporting to keep the Chinese language "pure" and free from English (ironically, I expect they'll keep their name). Chinayouren takes this as a jumping-off point from which to discuss language protectionism and whether Chinese is endangered by English.

Youku Buzz highlights five original shorts submitted to the Beijing College Student Film Festival's Short Films Awards. The diverse collection includes a story of a Shanghai couple attempting a fake divorce to get two apartment buildings in compensation for their old farmland home, a silly slapstick short, and and a film about college students with a trainspotting-inspired introduction.

Last weekend, China observed Tomb Sweeping Day, which involves a bit more than a touch of grave spring cleaning. China Hush has a picture collection of some cool offerings people use to spice up their ancestor's afterlife.

Arguably China's most popular blogger Han Han has been nominated in Time magazine's list of the world's most influential people: Inside-Out China reports on mainstream-media efforts to provoke a Han Han backlash, while Han Han writes of his reaction to the nomination and accusations that he's "colluding with Western anti-China forces", translated by China Digital Times. (Both of these links require a proxy to view from behind the GFW.)

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Would like to see the shorts. Followed the links and found zilch!

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