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Kunming government to take on 'evil'

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Kunming's current 'sunshine government', headed by party secretary Qiu He (仇和) and mayor Zhang Zulin (张祖林), has had its hands full addressing the city's infrastructure, health care, education and environmental problems over the past two years, but that may just be the beginning.

According to a Kunming Info Hub report, 'evil' is the next target:

A meeting was held in Kunming to urge the work of fighting against evil forces on January 22. The meeting clearly and concisely stated that uprooting the evil forces would be the most important task in the next working plan of Kunming.

Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Kunming Municipal Committee Qiu He made important instructions for uprooting the evil forces on the meeting. Besides, 19 people have been commended for their contributions in 2009 for fighting against evil forces.

What exactly is being referred to by the word 'evil'? Leading contenders probably include official corruption (a favorite target of Qiu's when he was an official in Jiangsu), organized crime or illegal drugs.

Given Qiu's recent statement that official corruption is a primary factor behind Kunming's high housing prices, it wouldn't be a surprise if some high-profile corruption cases emerge in the coming months.

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