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Ultimate frisbee tournament returning to Kunming

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The second annual Kunming Hat ultimate frisbee tournament will be held on the weekend of March 6 and 7. Last year's tournament drew more than 80 players from around Kunming, China, and the world for a weekend of playing disc and having fun.

This year the Kunming Ultimate Frisbee Club will host a bigger and better event at new fields near Huangtupo (黄土坡).

In ultimate frisbee parlance, a hat tournament means that competitors enter as individuals rather than teams. When competitors sign up, they rank their abilities according to a number of criteria, helping organizers to create several mixed gender teams of similar ability for two days of tournament competition.

The organizers encourage any ultimate players or anybody who would like to learn the sport to come to Kunming for the tournament and for the Friday and Saturday night parties that are the usual accompaniment of ultimate tournaments.

More information about schedule, registration fee, accommodation, and parties can be found at the Kunming Ultimate website.

More information about the sport of ultimate frisbee can be found at whatisultimate.com or the Ultimate Players Association

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