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China blogs: Organic food, pollution, life in jail, "real China"

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China Study Group looks at alternative food networks in China, and in particular an organic co-operative in Anlong that delivers organically farmed produce to Chengdu residents.

China Hush reposts a beautifully shot photo essay on pollution in China and finds out that the prostitute with AIDS story from last week was a cruel hoax by a jealous ex-lover.

Danwei shares a foreigner's account of life in a Beijing jail.

ChinaSMACK features a post from ESWN about present-day university students' responses to the legend of the White-Haired Girl and Evil Landlord: "For some, this means that the sympathy that used to exist for poor and oppressed people in the 1940's has been replaced by blind adoration of money."

Aimee Barnes conducts long technical interview with two foreign experts on energy in China.

And Glen on the Lost Laowai blog takes issue with the idea of "real China."

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