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Kunming to hold UFO forum this month

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Beginning October 31 and running through November 6, Kunming will host the 2009 International Astronomy Year and Extraterrestrial Life Forum. The event will feature exhibitions of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena in China and around the world and will also have experts on site to appraise UFO footage brought in by visitors.

This year – the 400th anniversary of Galileo's invention of the telescope in Venice in 1609 – has been named 'World Astronomy Year' by the United Nations. The Kunming forum, which is co-organized by the Kunming UFO Research Association and the Kunming Municipal Science and Technology Association, will highlight some of this year's major astronomical phenomena, including the July 22 total solar eclipse.

According to Zhang Yifang (张一方) who was director of the Kunming UFO Research Association from its founding in 1985 until 2003, Kunming has had more than 400 UFO sightings since 1972, when a large group of people in Gulü Village in Kunming's Xishan district reported to have witnessed a large shiny object in the sky which resembled a brass bowl.

Zhang said photos and video of recent UFO sightings will be on display at the forum, which is free and open to the public. He added that anyone with photos or video of UFOs or other unexplained phenomena are encouraged to bring them to the forum for appraisal.

The 2009 International Astronomy Year and Extraterrestrial Life Forum will be held on the ninth floor of the Workers Cultural Palace (工人文化宫) located on the south side of Dongfeng Plaza. For more information about the event or appraisals call 6733353.

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You wrote,
"The Kunming forum, which is co-organized by the Kunming UFO Research Association and the Kunming Municipal Science and Technology Association, will highlight some of this year's major astronomical phenomena..."

From my point of view as an American with a long-standing interest in the UFO phenomenon, it is surprising and gratifying to learn that there is some place in the world where UFO investigators and astronomers can actually talk to each other without resulting to violence.

Do you attribute this spirit of cooperation to Confucianism, the benevolent influence of the Party or something in the local water? If only we could get along that way over here!


I would hope people in China will be able to submit stories in writing that some group can translate. I usualy average 1 in 60 highschool kids that see UFOs, but not in cities like Chengdu, it is to overcast. I also hope people can have a venue to tell personal stories about UFO sightings and ET contact.

I posted a comment about a year ago where I described walking down WenlinJie -- about four years ago when I was visiting Kunming for the first time -- and seeing all the people on the street looking and pointing up at the sky. Some of them were taking photos with their cell phones. I looked up and saw a white light fly across the sky and immediately thought it was a meteor shower. However, the white light started hovering back. It looked like an orb of white light and it seemed to be conscious and was hovering above us. I and a group of Chinese people followed it down to Green Lake where it eventually disappeared into the clouds. However, when I posted this story, some anonymous smart ass attacked me and called me all kinds of names. When I talked to Chris about this, he decided to delete the story from this forum and commented that some "people" think I am a conspiracy theorist. However, my comments are based on both experience and research. "Conspiracy theorist" is just a word invented by certain people to keep people from truly looking at the truth. It is similar to the terms "Junk Science" or "Pseudo Science" which anyone with any critical thinking skills would realize as any "science" which threatened corportate profits. peace, prd34

UFOs are kept secret because they threaten corporate profits? And you take offense if people refer to you as a conspiracy theorist?? They only come out at night (to watch UFOs apparantly).

By most calculations life in the universe can be estimated in tens of thousands of planets but the thing is that the distances we are talking about are so staggering that it's impossible for our civilization to ever be able to reach "them". And the argument can be turned around so that "they" are never able to reach us. Sure there may be technology to be figured which would enable us or "them" to come over for tea and cookies and I am more than willing to believe it if it happens and there is proof of it. See,, that's the difference between junk science and real science,, proof. Anyway, good luck at the convention. I might stop by myself.


There we go! Someone not understanding what I was saying and seemingly putting his foot in his mouth!

Actually, I deleted that thread because I didn't want people to know about my flying saucer.

wi-fri? gakk gakk! gakk gakk! greetings Earthlings, i come to you from the far infra-red of the solaaaaar system.


Good one! Hah! I met someone in Chiang Mai who was telling me that her husband was abducted by aliens. And then I met a ex-pat doctor who told me that he had a patient with a chip implanted in his spine. So who knows?

At any rate, I was just relaying an observation (the same observation that probably at least 500 other people saw that same evening) -- and not an interpretation, though it seems that my response was being prematurely interpreted. Go figure! Some people are just too smart for their own pants! :) What can you do? The "conspiracy theorist" thing had to do with research I have done on the dangers of EMR, which is pretty much an established fact. See the Bioinitiative: www.bioinitiative.org/ (two of which the authors are Chinese). However, rather than trying to find the truth about things some people would rather just try to "win the argument." peace


ok i have an open mind. But really.

there are just too many unanswered questions.
1. why have they not helped us?

2. why has one not talked on Tv ever.
3 why have we never seem inside of one of there craft?

Now that would make an instresting statement. a video of the inside and then showing the cralf as it dose a round trip of the earth and the moon.

So if they are here?

because there hiding from the common people. and not helping us.

why are they here?

are they fallen . cast outs? do they live here under ground and a afraid we will wipe them out, like we do every thing eles thats difrent from us?

please infom me.


im salsalta from utereus 44578a and soon you can see us !Not only that for all the ones,not believers its to late!the secret code will be understand by the people who know the truth!


The reason there seem to be so many UFO incidents in China maybe because aliens believe that the Chinese will not bow down to the US government and cover up facts about UFOs. The US military/intelligence community has been keeping the truth about aliens/UFOs a secret for many years now. The aliens are probably hoping that the Chinese will break this world-wide secrecy pact (see ufocoverup.org for more info)


It's said that people make it into a joke without do research about all the actual sighting dating back since before Jesus. Who ever thinks that other worlds don't exists but ours is foolish. I can't wait when the time comes.

David you troll you.

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