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Woman falls from 28th floor, strikes pedestrian
Kunming police are investigating the death of a woman who fell 28 stories and struck an unlucky pedestrian who is in the hospital with head injuries.

Sunday at 11:08 am, witnesses said they heard a crash and then saw a body fall to a stairwell outside of building D3 of the Meijing Xincheng residential complex in the Yueyatang neighborhood. The woman who fell was killed instantly, witnesses told Kunming newspaper Dushi Shibao.

A woman surnamed Zhao, who was walking with her mother-in-law and son, happened to be walking below building D3 at the time that the woman fell from the 28th floor. A doctor at 533 Hospital said the woman was in stable condition but that she had suffered some head trauma and was unable to remember being struck by the falling woman.

Due to the fact that the fallen woman apparently crashed through a window before falling to her death, it is unclear whether her fall was suicide, accidental or if foul play was involved. Police have not released any information about the woman's identity or any other details related to the case.

H1N1 vaccines to be distributed throughout Yunnan
Yunnan will distribute 750,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine throughout the province in the coming days, according to Yunnan Provincial Health Bureau director Chen Juemin (陈觉民).

So far 414 cases of H1N1, commonly known as swine flu, have been confirmed in Yunnan, with 259 patients having already been discharged from hospitals and 155 patients still receiving treatment. Yunnan has yet to have any severe H1N1 cases or deaths due to the virus, according to an en.kunming.cn report.

Of the vaccine doses, 150,000 will be allotted for high exposure groups, particularly airport staff and police, with the remaining 600,000 doses distributed to Yunnan's cities and prefectures, the report said.

Kunming holiday tourist stats released
Municipal tourism officials announced on Saturday that during the eight-day National Day/Mid-Autumn Festival golden week holiday the city received 1.28 million visitors from elsewhere in China, an increase of more than six percent over the same time in 2008, according to a Dushi Shibao report.

It was estimated that of the holiday visitors, 1.04 million only stayed one night before moving on to other travel destinations in Yunnan such as Lijiang, Dali and Xishuangbanna. Total revenue from visiting tourists is estimated at 571 million yuan (US$83.6 million), an increase of 7.83 percent over the previous year.

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Chinese Literature Prize

Gao Xingjian / 高行健 received the nobel prize of literature in 2000. The press release for the prize refers notably to "soul Mountain". Gao Xingkian was a recognized artist in Beijing in the 80's. However his work has been banned in China for many years and he is a French citizen since 1997 or 99 (depending on which bio you read). While in China he translated several major author in Chinese and while in France he has written several plays in French.

Nobel prize link:


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struggling to see the relevance of Obama's nobel peach prize to the Kunming news roundup.

sorry that should have been peace not peach!!

Wow the top story is the building complex where I used to live, i was in a different building but I went up those stairs every day.

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