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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Kunming hiphop at Uprock
Local hiphop group Westhill (西山) will headline a night of Kunminghua hiphop tonight at Uprock. Westhill will be joined by special guests Guiguaizhi (鬼怪志), Green Clan and Qimuguang (七木广). The show begins at 9:30, entry is 20 yuan. 板扎了噶!

Friday: Wang Hao at On the Go
Electrorocker Wang Hao (王浩) will perform tonight at On the Go as part of his current national tour. Show starts at 9:00, entry is 20 yuan.

Friday & Saturday: All-you-can-eat specials at Chicago Coffee
Chicago Coffee has two all-you-can-eat specials this weekend with unlimited pizza plus soda, tea, or coffee from 5:00 to 8:00 tonight for 25 yuan and all-you-can-eat pancakes plus a bottomless cup of coffee from 9:00 am until noon on Saturday for 19 yuan.

Friday & Saturday: Oktoberfest at The Box II
The Box II will be celebrating Oktoberfest Friday and Saturday night with German food, beer and Jaegermeister specials.

Saturday: Steak and Football at Lazy Bones Pizza
Saturday night Lazy Bones Pizza will hold another steak night, with steak, roasted potatoes or fries and salad or veggies for 70 yuan per person from 6:00 until 10:00. English Premier League matches will be shown afterward, beginning at 10:00.

Saturday and Sunday: Panino specials at The Box
Selected panini will be discounted 15 percent at The Box on Saturday and Sunday nights.

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Kunming hip-hop? Doesn't that involve one guy screaming "cao ni ma" repeatedly for 45 mins?

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