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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Steak Night
The Lazy Bones crew are having a night off from cranking out pizzas to do another steak night. Slabs of beef with potatoes and veggies, all for 70 yuan per person. 6pm - 10pm. Give them a call to make a reservation.

Friday: Classic Movie Festival
Yuansheng Studio continue their classic movie screenings with The Grass on Kunlun Mountain (昆仑山上的棵草), 8:30pm, entry 10 yuan.

Friday: Uprock
Uprock hosts Kunming Underground: Rock & Metal bands: 扣弦 Catching String & 断弦 Broken String, 10pm, 25 yuan. After the performances there'll be techno & dance music, free entry.

Saturday: DJ Siku at Uprock
DJ Siku (France/Dali) will play techno, breakbeat and drum'n'bass from 10pm. Entrance is 10 yuan.

Saturday: Piano concert at TCG Nordica
TCG Nordica's music events always seem to draw a crowd. This time it's a children's piano concert, 8pm, entry 25 yuan.

Saturday: Accordion concert at Yuansheng
Hmm, wasn't there accordion last week too? Concert: Happy Accordion, 9pm, free entry.

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Hey it's a friggin snail!. 10 months in KM and I haven't seen a single one.

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