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6.0 earthquake shakes Yunnan

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More than 80 are injured and more than 3,200 homes are destroyed after an earthquake shook the countryside around 175km Northwest of Kunming on Thursday night.

A 6.0 magnitude tremor rattled Yao'an County (姚安) in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture yesterday, with damage reports only just beginning to be released to local media. As of 12:00 am today, more than 620,000 people have been affected by the quake, with 56 seriously injured and 28 lightly injured.

The quake, which was felt in Kunming, took place at 7:19 pm on Thursday night, 10 kilometers below the earth's surface. In addition to Yao'an, injuries and damage have also been reported in Dayao, Mouding, Nanhua, Yuanmou and Yongren.

The tremor collapsed more than 3,200 homes and more than 4,800 have been damaged. Five thousand tents have been sent to Yao'an for victims left homeless by the quake.

Update: As of 8:30 am on Friday, China Daily is reporting 336 injured with 18,000 collapsed homes, and 30,000 homes suffering damage.

Other reports have put the quake at 6.2 magnitude. One person is reported dead, with over 300 injured, 29 seriously.

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Really appreciate Go Kunming's fast reporting on relevant matters in Yunnan.

Google news search turned up your report only after Reuters.

Keep up the good work.

According to China Daily 18.000 homes/buildings collapsed and one person was killed. Sounds odd that only 1 person has died so I expect the death toll will rise quite a lot over the next couple of days.

i don't think it sounds odd that the casualty figures are so low. the weather was good, it was during daylight, the area is (relatively) low population density and remember that the Richter scale is logarithmic, so 6 is ten times smaller than 7.

however, i concur that we're likely to hear of more dead and injured over the coming hours and days.


Does anyone know of non-window dressing type volunteer / recovery activities that foreigners might take part in?

i felt it last night around almost 11pm,i'm living very near from Shida...

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