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Ocean, you may be interested to read this article :"The law is to help a country adjust its policies to best follow the rules. If people want to come to China, we can't simply reject them. We can't go against the pattern of international migration. For those who should be welcomed, we should offer them more opportunities, but for those who shouldn't, we must strictly control their arrival." ([...] I think "teachers who have the necessary qualifications/experience to get a proper teaching work visa and work at a legit school" are welcomed and welcoming


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I feel very grateful to find that so many people are concerned about our work, and more grateful to see the above comments. Thank you very much.

I myself did not felt being offended nor insulted at all for GoKunming's use of the word "Chinglish", in stead, I am very grateful to see their straight-out and helpful suggestions.

Indeed, GoKunming and InKunming have had a good relationship over the years. They have given us a lot of good advices in 2009 when we refreshed our site. And now I am expecting to have far more communication and exchange with the GoKunming team. In fact, we are planning to invite them to give us a lecture about how to write reports efficiently this year. Hope they will accept the invitation.

Thank you for your attention again.

Hi, everybody, I am one of the editors of InKunming. Firstly, I want to thank you all for your attention on the InKunming team and our work. Secondly, I want say something about the name InKunming. We named the new English forum "InKunming" because our former forum was named "Living in Kunming". Now, we make the name both for the forum and the information site

"Living in Kunming" is obviously not suitable to be the name of our information site, because foreigners who live in Kunming is a group that we will pay close attention to most, but at the same time, we are also expecting to provide services for Engllish users outside Kunming. We are trying our best efforts to provide a platform for foreigners to seek and share information about living in, traveling to and investing in Kunming, no matter where they live. Thirdly, about our "Chinglish-heavy" language, we have been striving to improve it. We sincerely hope that you will benefit us with more advices and valuable suggestions in the process of improving our reports. If you find sentences on our site can be organized in a better way or made easier to understand, please tell us. We will be very grateful for your help. By the way, if there is any thing we can do for you, please make sure to tell us. We are working on a questionaire to research what kind of information may be useful and valuable for foreigners, if you have intention to participate in, please find the questionaire on our site. Thank you very much.


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