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While I disagree with some of the perspective given on Kunming's current and future market, I am more interested in actually hearing from persons or groups that have a concept or business plan on paper and are seriously looking for capital, commercial real estate, and/or licenses.

I am just merely interested in having discussions at this point, as one interested entrepreneur to another. Considering we all want to make Kunming a better place, promoting small business from a diverse expat community is a great way to start. PM me.


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Most definitely Kunming's best expat entertainer, on and off the stage. To say John is a Kunming institution does not do him or our memories of him justice. He is a legend.



I don't understand the bad review! Nice garden, roof patio, flowers. Servers are smiling and welcoming. Good food! A little out of the way, otherwise would come often.


Was able to meet with the principle and two of the teachers when I visited, and saw the facilities. While it felt more like a community center, there are a great amount of classes and schedules to choose from, and friendly teachers to boot. Plenty of laowai around. Plan on taking my classes here.