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In case anyone can benefit from this: I just did a visa run to HK where I attempted to get a 6 month F visa. I had all the right paperwork. The Chinese consulate visa office told me they are only giving 30 day visas for China right now, period. I am not sure if this is also true for tourist visas, but I suspect so. If you are going to do a visa run, may I recommend spending your wait time on Lamma Island, where midweek you can stay in an AC room a Kathmandu guest house for 150, and then go swim at the beach. Anyone have any recent experience trying to get a work visa extension in Kunming?


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This is a beautiful spot indeed, but be careful if you are a wanderer like me. On the South and possibly West side of Changchong is a military compound, it is unmarked (at least via the single track I was on), it is not on the map, and they don't take too kindly to visitors. I definitely advise taking your passport or other id, and staying away from the road on the south side of the mountain. Lest you be detained for 12 hours at the local PSB.


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