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Forums > Living in Kunming > Crazy car accident

Hey everyone,long time no post.
I haven't been able to post so far,nothing significant to post anyway.Now it seems that we're just in hold,waiting for the whole matter to go to the court,since that person was asking for compensation that I was not willing to pay for,so we didn't reach an agreement at the police station.

I don't have my vehicle back yet.As I am writing this,I've been informed that me and my wife have to go to the police station again in two days,so if anything comes out of it I will make sure to let the community know.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Crazy car accident

I haven't updated this thread since I had no actual news since earlier today.Basically the person who was riding the illegaly owned and operated scooter wants me to compensate him for the days he will not be able to work,his bike and so on.

This is outrageous since it was not me violating any laws to begin with and it seems that his family is trying to blackmail me.I will not give in to their irrational requests,if the police report proves me more liable than him,I will just have my insurance cover the damages and that will be it.

If he and his family continue to blackmail me I will resolve to higher authorities,possibly involve the embassy and whatever else necessary.

Tomorrow morning I have to be at the police station.I will make sure to keep this thread updated.

Thank you all for your support.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Crazy car accident

Thanks again for everyone's time and concern.We had no progress since the last time I posted; we're still waiting for the traffic police to make an official report.

As for the opposed party,we had little news with the most significant one being the injured person's broken nose surgery that as far as we've been informed ended successfully.

I already made a report of the whole incident which my school will present to the higher authorities.

@lil_farmer and @laotou,contacting the embassy is a good idea indeed,I will probably resolve to do that if the pressure from the person's family persists.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Crazy car accident

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read the thread and left the thoughts, I am really glad to find out that so many people actually care!

It's good to know that other foreigners had similar experience while in Kunming; it helps me plan my next step on how to handle this better.

The person who was riding the scooter did go to the hospital. My wife's mother accompanied him via ambulance and we paid for the checkup until the insurance company will reinburse us. His injuries are mostly bruises and a cracked nose. The traffic police told us not to pay for everything, and during the weekend whatever cost there could incur is paid by that guy's father. Funny thing is, despite the fact that the whole time those people were jumping around, none of them called for 120, we did.

Also, that person's scooter is proven to be gas powered,not electric. His father was mumbling that its license got washed away and bull like that while the police asked.

Laotou, thanks a lot for your advice. I am a registered foreign expert and my dept. chair is already informed. I will go to the local police dept. to file a report for the death threats. I guess I didn't describe it quite clearly previously, we did call for both traffic police and public security. The latter came and saw it being an accident scene and left right away, despite that we were surrounded and pushed around.

Lastly, lil_farmer, thank you for your offer, it is sad to see that you had to deal with those people for so long. The impression I had about the city is indeed somewhat affected but I will try not to judge Kunming according to one terrible accident, I just feel like this is way too common here and maybe one day it will not happen so frequently?

Thanks again for all your advices. On monday we are going to the traffic police again to get the liability report, I am hoping that it wouldn't be too ridiculous since I was not violating the traffic law. Whatever the result is I will let you guys know.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Crazy car accident

This is my first post here, but it is really a shame that it has to be an unpleasant topic. If you guys don't mind reading something ugly please go on.

For over half a year I have been living in Kunming being an English teacher, and am driving me and my wife around(legally) on a daily basis.

Last friday I had my first car accident in China, which was literally as freaky as it can ever get. About 10pm we had wife's co-worker with us, and were coming back home near the New Asia Athletic City neighborhood(near the new Luosiwan). We just started moving after the signal turned green at the junction of Caiyun North Rd. and Guan Xiao Rd.

For one second there was nothing in front of us, the next second a scooter came from the right side of the crossroad having no light on, going on a crazy speed. It was too late for me to hit the break because the car already hit that guy and sent his scooter few meters away. We stopped the car and that guy was sitting on the road, accompanied by a friend of his riding a different scooter. I went to check on him, but they were both very hostile and I cannot speak much Chinese. I decided to go to my wife and her co-worker by the side of the road while my wife called 110.

While we were waiting, something unexpected happened. Suddenly about a dozen men showed up from nowhere coming toward us screaming and yelling at my wife and her co-worker. So I went over with my broken chinese to tell them to "deng yi xia", then they suddenly came toward me looking for troubles. My wife and her co-worker tried to go in front of me and they got shoved around pretty bad by these guys, and out of fear wife told me to run, I saw a punch coming which I avoided, they started pushing me so I backed off to the other side of the road trying to get them away from the girls. I knew that if I stayed there would be a really bad fight and wife would try to protect and get hurt, so I started running while 3 or 4 men were trying to catch up, but luckily I have been very athletic my whole life so I was able to leave them far behind. When they gave up running I used my cell phone to call my wife immediately to see if she was ok. She told me they were only being verbal toward her and that I shouldn't go back until the police arrives.

I don't know how much time has passed until she called me again, telling me that the police was there. So I started going back to the site carefully, and I saw my wife, her co-worker and her mother along the traffic police. The police started investigating the site. Those guys were trying to come close to me again and immediately the traffic police told them to stay away. In the end, our car got taken along with that guy's scooter by the police, until the case is settled.

It turned out next day, that this guy's scooter had no license and he had no id card either. These people are said to be from "A La village" of Guangdu district. They were still making death threats in front of the police repeatedly telling me that even if I am a foreigner they can still kill me and do whatever they want.

Sadly that night while those people were trying to "chop me into pieces" according to what my wife translated me what they said. Neighborhood police arrived and they left in a snap saying that this is traffic accident, it has nothing to do with them despite my wife begging them to stay to protect me from being hurt.

We are going to the 8th traffic police squadron on Monday to see what the police will do to settle this. But I think it is very unlikely that it will end nicely since the guy's father kept threatening to sue us for huge amoung of money for compensation.

My name is John Lappas and I am an English teacher in Kunming Professional College of Art. What I told you guys here have been completely true. I just starte driving when the traffic light turned green while someone violating the signal ran into my car on a high speed, then he brought his whole village trying to hurt us. I have someone who witnessed the whole thing. This has been the most ridiculous treatment in my whole life and I'm not sure if I would tell anyone to come to Kunming anymore, despite the fact how I liked it before.


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