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Please forgive me if I've said anything that might cause further grief or pain to people. It's been hard getting the news but I am fully aware that I am not the only one grieving but I feel I had to be honest about how I feel. As much as it might hurt we will have to face the facts to avoid anyone else going through this pain.

Arun was one of my best friends. I came to China because Arun had made it his home. To say Arun loved Yunnan was putting it mildly. He tried his best to convince me to stay and I nearly relented. While I know the rescue team tried their best I can't help but feel a little frustrated at the way things worked out.

He was alive till (around 10am I believe) the next day on his phone but they couldn't locate him. I and a friend of ours had told him plenty about the path as we have both done the trek solo before. But Arun tried a short cut on his way back. I guess it was inevitable but I can't help but wish things worked out differently. Also people who did know that Arun was going for the trek and knew the path he could have taken weren't contacted. To be fair no one knew and Arun didn't mention the friend either while trying to guide rescuers to where he was.

My point being,

Chris and others, if you ever work in/around Dali or anywhere else please do try and get people to train and think more about rescue work. There needs to be a community of people who have the physical stamina and intelligence to get involved in rescue work.

Arun's accident came at a time no one was prepared, communication was poorly handled (I understand only 8 people went on the first rescue team) and no one really knew what to do. We owe it to Arun to make sure this never happens again.

Having said that I still do believe everyone tried their best and no one should feel any sort of overriding guilt or blame for what happened. But to prepare to make sure it doesn't happen again. We all loved our little oddball of a friend and we will miss him much.


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