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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Invitation letter

Thanks all. and sorry about the delayed response on my side.

So that's a good news that the letter doesn't have to come from a local living in the actual region I plan to visit. Also a good trick to know about fully booking a hotel and canceling afterwards.

Am looking forward to the time spent in Yunan and great to find this site.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Invitation letter

Hi all,

I am planning my first trip to Yunan and while preparing for the documents to apply for a visa, I learned I needed an invitation letter from a local if I didn't have a booking confirmation for the full duration of our stay. I am U.S. citizen but reside in South Korea at the moment.
I am wondering if this letter has to come from someone who lives in that very region/city I intend to travel or can it be any Chinese citizen living in different province?
Is there any other things I should be aware of while obtaining this invitation letter?


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