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Forums > Study > Where to study in Yunnan

So from what Ive read Keets seems to be the prefered school. One thing I dont like though is how much theya re charging for their rooms 2500 a month seems a bit overpriced to me. Currently living in Hakiou. Rent here is only around 1200 per month for a fully furnished room all utilities and private bathroom. Is the school overcharging for this. Maybe its better to find a hostel to live in for the 4 moths I am there. Does anyone know about keets living arrangements. Or how to find a cheap non permanent apartment in the area for no more than 1500 per month

Forums > Study > Where to study in Yunnan

Hi everyone. I'm wanting to come and study in yunnan around September this year. Right now I have HSK 3.

So far the best school I have been able to find seems to be Huayang academy

So my questions are what is the best school in yunnan for price and small class size.

Also I am really torn between living in Kunming or Dali.

Any information would be great.

Thanks :)



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