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I am a current student of Huayang in Dali, and have studied here for around 3 months already. My experience here so far has been great, and I plan to study here for at least one more semester.

The school is fairly small but nice, set in a pretty traditional house with a big bright courtyard. Inside are several clean and bright classrooms and also the dorm rooms where I stayed for the first two months. The dorm rooms are comfortable, all with ensuite bathrooms, but most students prefer to find their own accommodation in the old town, as I did recently. (During this time the school were extremely helpful and came with me to check my new accommodation, check and sign the contract etc.) There is also a well equipped kitchen at the school for those who stay in the dorms to use, even including a small oven.

The staff at Huayang Dali are all very kind and helpful, and because of the small amount of students studying there they will always have time to listen to and help students if needed. My teacher, Ella, is the best teacher I have ever had for Chinese (due to her modern and fun teaching style), and I have studied for 4 years already in the past.

Dali is an incredible place to live, the old town is beautiful and full of life, there you can drink, eat, shop and listen to live music. The people here are very interesting, and it has been easy to make friends with Chinese people here thanks to the slow pace of life (everyone has time to talk!). The scenery is beautiful and the air is fresh, and there are many opportunities to get out and enjoy the nature.

My advice to the school would be to include more cultural activities for students outside of class time if possible to provide more opportunities to get to know each other and the Chinese culture.

Overall, I'd recommend studying here to anyone who wants to slow down a little and enjoy a fairly quiet but still exciting and interesting place to study Chinese.