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Forums > Living in Kunming > Spring Festival around KM

Absolutely, spending time with family is tops. I was happy to spend last night with a local friend and her family. Eating, talking, eating, watching CCTV, eating some more. It was great. The fireworks last night were quite something as well. Definitely a memorable first CNY.

thanks @Philou, that helps! and thanks all for your responses. 新年好!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Spring Festival around KM

Hello, can someone please be so kind to let me know where and when Spring Festival festivities (parades, dances, etc) will happen? I'm having trouble finding any information and wish to participate as much as possible. Thank you! 新年快乐!!

Forums > Food & Drink > Cooking Classes

Hello all, I'm looking for either one on one or group cooking classes as I really want to learn how to cook simple and healthy (where possible) Chinese dishes. Let me know your suggestions. Thanks!


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Your hard work is most definitely appreciated. Thank you so so very much for demonstrating how important it is to stick together and support one another. It was, and still is challenging to wade through the waves of hysteria and misinformation, but cooler heads will ultimately prevail. Thank you.


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