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Forums > Study > KCEL contact info

Does anyone have any updated contact info for KCEL? They're not responding to the WeChat account that's listed on the website or to their email.


Forums > Study > Kunming language schools providing student visa

Hey everyone,

To kick off, I'm aware it's currently impossible for foreigners outside of China to enter the country on a newly issued student visa. Quite recently, however, the first few foreign students who left the country 2 years ago were allowed to return, indicating that things might slowly change for the better in the coming months/next year.

Does anyone know which Chinese language schools are still accredited in Kunming/Yunnan to issue student visas, once government policy would open up again the possibility of issuing visas to new students?


Forums > Food & Drink > Draft beer 5-10 kuai

Hello all

Moved into the city a few days ago and was wondering whether there are any student bars that sell draft beer for 5-10 kuai a glass.



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