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Forums > Study > L visa to work or study visa

I have a 10 year multi entry L visa.

I would like to stay in Kumning and teach for the next year or 2. What happens to the L visa if I apply for a work visa? (or study as I assume the answer is the same). Is the L visa canceled or does it remain valid for it's 10 year term?

Thank you!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Daily Group Rides in Kunming

Tough crowd here sheesh...Joshua I don't use Strava. On my tour I have used

lot of gpx files from bikemap.net.

I will DM you ...thanks but my pace will be slower.

My wechat is [email protected] can you add me to one of the Kumning wechat cycling groups?

Thank you both!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Daily Group Rides in Kunming

Hello Joshua..I would love to do a city ride. Also interested in Lijiang or any other nice multi day trips around Yunnan.

I am arriving in Kunming tomorrow with plans to stay and teach for the next year.

I have been traveling mostly by bike for the last 6 months...started in Portugal.

My bike is a touring bike with meaty tires fenders racks etc. Do you ride a mountain bike or road bike?


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