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You can view this pretentious documentary on vimeo... At least with hollywood WYSIWYG this is in the noble savage vein, bit like Black Shack Alley. And what is it with westerners obsession with sex? I geddit they had 2000 years of judaic christian brainwashing where women's sexuality as the original sin (chastity belts??WTF??) and since the 60's and Hendrix have managed to exhale and get into free love (previously reserved for the colonized ppl they were screwing figuratively and literally) so today they are blinded by this hang up, yea yea I know the director is 'mainland' - no they've assimilated, integrated and disintegrated into a western mindset which is why this documentary is wack. We using it in an anthropology class as a litmus test on which students are woke.

c'mon now, dude has a name like that and is Yunnan. some cultural literacy pleaaaazzzzz! He reminds me of my father coming to London back in the day and succeeded where many 'western' (code for white) entrepreneurs failed. My father of Hindi ancestry grew up in a latino caribbean basin. He said this made him 'flexible and adaptable' in his business dealings.

Label it cultural literacy, emotional intelligence etc. it's an attitude that important for 'westerners' wishing to set up shop in China, Dubai, Panama (wherever they are not the majority)


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