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Forums > Living in Kunming > Football Pitch

Try adding the WeChat add ID z41780303.
The guy is in charge of indoor football pitch and it is in the northernish part of KM.
A couple friends and I have played football there before and the rates are reasonable. You may need a Chinese speaking friend to communicate with the guy via WeChat?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Pixel 3 With China Mobile

Hi Dan. I have a Google pixel 2 and I was disappointed to see that it doesn't work with China telecom. I had already committed at that point and I don't mind having to go out of the house without 4G or LTE (My Sim card still works perfectly fine with it when it comes to regular calls. Also it doesn't have any trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks)
I can completely be sure about China mobile but I'm 90% sure it does not work seamlessly with them either. However, to give you some information that is actually useful, China Unicom DOES work. My friend switched his Sim card into my phone temporarily and Yep, I was able to use 4G.


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Just checked this place out today. Came from super far but was sad to find out that their chef was sick today and the kitchen was closed. Bummer. I was hoping to try out their burgers. However, they were super graceful and friendly about it and gave my wife and I free beer! I was even more pleasantly surprised when I found out that it was stone IPA and ballast point that they had on tap! I don't know of any other spots that have those specific West Coast IPAs here in KM. For their eagerness to please and friendly service, I can't help but give them five stars. Will be back to try out their burger.


Great spot to find foreign beers, especially California IPAs. I don't know of another spot in Kunming with as big of a variety of good import beers for reasonable prices. They have them cold and you can drink them right there too. Trevor, the owner, speaks limited English, but he's knowledgable about beer. Definitely recommend this spot.