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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kunming to Shangrila and back

Dear community,

since the last postings I found on this are already several years old, I'd like to gather some new info.

Does anyone have experience with travelling from Kunming to Shangrila and back? I will make this short trip this August but I'm not sure yet whether I should rather take that 10h bus or go to Lijiang by train and proceed by bus from there and vice versa.

A friend told me a few years ago there were only sleeper busses, no matter what time of the day you'd leave. However, I couldn't find further info on that. Honestly I'd prefer taking the whole trip by bus from Kunming directly, but I also found some Forums where Chinese travelers suggest at least not to take the night bus as it doesn't seem to be the safest.

Does anyone have experience with this trip and can give me some advice?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Tibetian handcraft in Kunming?

Thanks for the fast reply Michael. Everything from small to large is applicable in our home, however, frameable is something it definitely should be. If possible I would like to watch it personally in the store and also talk with the owner to hear the work's background. This is also why I haven't tried to find it online.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Tibetian handcraft in Kunming?

Dear all, last year my wife and me travelled to Shangri'la and were really

thrilled about the huge variety of Tibetian handcraft you could buy there. Especially the hand-made maps of Shambhala from Buddhist mythology got my attention. They existed in all sizes and looked like this:

[as I'm a new poster I can't post links, but if you search for keywords like "buddhism shambhala map" you will find a round-shaped kingdom in a map]

Unfortunately we didn't take one. Most of them contained small amounts of gold processed in the maps and we weren't sure whether this may cause issues at the custom control. However, I really regret I didn't take one and as I will be in Kunming again later this year, I wanted to ask if someone is familiar if there are shops in Kunming which offer Tibetian handcraft and may have these kind of maps. Does anyone know?

Thanks for your help.

Forums > Study > Specific books about Kunming

Great, thank you everyone for your feedback. Especially "The Kunming Project" caught my attention, but I'll also have a closer look at all of the other suggestions. As mentioned, books in Chinese language will be fine as well. I'll be on business in China this September and surely visit the one or other book store.


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