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thanks very much for your long comment, all comments are more than welcome regardless to whats in them. I dont know why you think I didnt accept previous comments written by others - I was just explaining the situation from the production side, and why some decisions were taken - didnt give excuses... personally I have been doing non commercial events (I didnt write non profit - if there is a profit people should get sth for their hard work after 6 month without payment) in China for many years and the picture you draw is not even close to reality, but this is not something I will not discuss about here.
Thanks again for your words and good advices, noted and of course we are always want to improve and thinking of how to make the fest to look better from all aspects

Thanks very much Elad for this beautiful article!

@debaser - I would suggest to visit the next festival and check for yourself. the 'reminder' you put is pretty irrelevant unless you check something by YOURSELF - its just someones opinion who probably had a bad experience - which can happen from million reasons - to put out a bad name for a whole community which usually is peaceful welcoming and super friendly is absolutely unfair! (I would also take out the word hippies - the big majority is not, just normal people who go out from their routine to get inspired and to inspire others, experience an alternative lifestyle which revolves around creativity, connect with others share their thoughts and learn new things)

@Kiara - the reason why nothing from the outside was allowed in the venue was explained many times in the promo process (which lasted 4 months) and on the busses before people got to the venue.

this type of an event is a non commercial event, no sponsors what so ever, meaning there is a small group of people with a few awesome volunteers who dedicate big part of their time (the core crew - around 6 months per a fest) to put up this unique art culture and music fest - so its very important that people will show their support and in that way help this event to continue happening so you and other people who didnt have a chance to participate this year will be able to do so next year.

The production is always trying to improve itself (its the 3rd edition) - by putting more content (workshops, music stages, lectures), interesting decor (most is handmade) and getting better administrative wise - so thanks very much for the bar&kitchen comment, noted and much appreciated, hopefully next fest it will be better.

I hope I didnt offend anyone

and really hope to see you guys in the next edition :)


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