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Honestly, we've been here quite few times and we like the pizzas and stuff. But this time we went there and ordered roasted beef. The beef was too hard and I couldn't cut it with the knife. We asked the staff to change a steak knife for me. And the staff said that it's the only knife they have and kept doing her own stuff. And She was standing by the counter when she said this to me. Well, the problem was not solved still! So I asked her how am I gonna eat it if I can't cut it the first time, and I'm willing to believe that she didn't hear it, but she was looking at me when I asked.So I asked her the second time . Then she walked to me and said do you want me to cut for you and turned around after she just said it and started walking away. I was like Are you serious?! So I said sure, Cut it for me. So She took it to the kitchen without saying anything. I mean I wanted to believe that she's not rude like those four people said. I get it its easy to get upset when it's really busy. But be patient when there is a problem, and solve the problem or at least be polite when you can't. instead of walking away. And when we were trying to talk to her about the hard to cut meat. But instead of being polite, she just answered that she can't speak English and walked away again!!! Can't believe that. So after that, I talked to her, she tried to argue with me that she wasn't being rude. I mean what do you call it? Didn't solve the problem and walked away isn't being rude?