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Forums > Living in Kunming > unlocking iPad

It's off ebay in the US, so I would assume not stolen, and read that the legitimate owner can potentially lock their own ipad if they lose the recovery key...but, it is also highly possible that it's stolen...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Electronics Stores Open?

Thanks for the input laotou, I'm sure business will be up and running by Monday, but if someone has driven by there today and knows if it's open today, I need some things before Monday (by tomorrow).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Electronics Stores Open?

Does anyone know if the electronics stores along Yi Er Yi are open yet? I would rather not waste a trip there if they are still closed.
Also, anyone know if the honey store just south from Salvador's is open?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

Does anyone know where to buy finishing nails? All of the hardware stores I've checked either have regular nails or nail-gun finishing nails. Any idea if there is a place (the further north the better) to buy finishing nails that don't require a nail gun?


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We stayed two nights at Angsana Resort last weekend. It was a perfect get-away to relax and rest. We went during off-season, and there were maybe a dozen other couples/families there, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

The hotel grounds are beautiful, with green grass and palm trees. There are a number of pools at the hotel—a huge lap swimming pool, some kids pools, and adult relaxation pools. They have a few golf carts that they gladly drive you around the resort in, and the staff was very eager to help us carry our bags on arrival. Many of the staff speak decent English. A little strange, but also relaxing, is the piped in instrumental music playing outside all around the resort.

The hotel is across the street from Fuxian Lake, but they have a huge park on the lake-side of the street, with an underground walkway to go from the hotel to the park. The park has numerous things to do: paintball, bike riding, tennis, basketball, kayaking, etc. And there is a great beach with imported white sand to relax on. There is a roped off swimming area where they seem to have removed most of the seaweed.

The hotel room was very spacious, and include a mini-kitchen (sink, hot plate, water boiler, mini-fridge). The bed was ver comfortable, and we had an amazing view of the lake from our room. We stayed in the Deluxe Lakeview Room. They also have what they call "lakeside" rooms, which are actually rooms that encircle a small pond on the property. They are also nice rooms, with really fancy bathrooms, but we preferred a good view of Fuxian Lake.

If you travel with children, they have a children's center where you can take your kids to play. The staff in the area was great—loving playing with our daughter, who is 18 months old. When we went to pick her up, she didn't want to leave, as all three staff were giving her their full attention (she was the only one there).

The stay at Angsana includes their breakfast buffet. The food was amazing! We ate some of the best noodles we've had in China each morning! The only thing I would suggest for them is to include fresh fruit (some was canned). But the spread included many Chinese breakfast dishes, and also yogurt, cereal, and dim sum. We also ate at one of the hotel's three restaurants. If you go to the western food restaurant, their burger is delicious! Our only quip about the restaurant was that the dishes we ordered for our daughter were very small portions, yet we were charged the full price.

We plan to return to visit Angsana in the future. It was nice going to a hotel where we didn't have to leave the grounds to fully enjoy our time at the lake.