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Forums > Living in Kunming > What's the name of that colorful baby carrier?[...] doesn't look like any link I've ever seen before. I thought it was a garbled message. I don't see the "edit" button in any of my posts. I even searched the page source with F3 and didn't find the button.

Nobody reads EULAs. Newsletters without opt-in are spam, plain and simple. If I feel malicious I might create a couple more accounts, and after I click "this is spam" in Google, it'll get classified as spam for everyone. I used to run mailing lists, I know what a pain in the ass it is. Anyway, I'm not here to fight about someone's coding practice. It's a lousy forum software, the fact that you're all used to it doesn't make it any less amateur. Anyhow thanks to everyone who actually replied to my question instead of arguing about the bizarro forum software.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What's the name of that colorful baby carrier?

Thanks for the information! That's another keyword to search.

This software is really weird because it doesn't look like any others. It won't allow links or inline images, when those would be really useful here to illustrate my point. It truncated the one useful link above, I thought it was a garbled message, had no idea it was useful information. Where's the "bold/italics/underline" buttons? This looks like something that a PHP newbie coded up by hand to practice. Wordpress offers a richer commenting experience, for Pete's sake.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What's the name of that colorful baby carrier?

Was that a link? I couldn't tell! This forum software is really weird, you can't tell what it will do. It searches for 云南传统婴儿背带背 which means Yunnan traditional infant 背带背. But searching for 背带背 just brings up the ordinary baby backpacks again. Maybe this thing doesn't even have a name in Chinese.

I'd post links to the taobao searches for the terms others have suggested...but yeah that doesn't work.


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Burma is the name of the country in English. Talk to anyone from there, they'll tell you they're Burmese. Myanmar is the illegitimate name that the military junta chose, it's not the preferred term (unless you're the sort of obedient tool who includes Taiwan and the nine-dash line on your maps of China). Countries have English names, otherwise China would be Zhongguo and Japan would be Nihon. Italy would be Italia and Germany would be Deutschland. But they're not because we use the country's English name, not its name in native language.


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