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Back in Paris now, but just thought I'd send out one big 'thank you' to all the good people out there at the Moondog who made my time in Kunming a lot more fun! and 'Mike', if you read this, drop me a line with your email!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Big bubble envelopes for shipping

Update. Just FYI, the parcel which I sent SAL (surface air limited) was sent by air (via Beijing) and has already arrived....unopened with the dictionary in perfect condition. China Post delivered! :)

Forums > Food & Drink > lufu purple tofu

Any ideas for a nice restaurant to try lufu? — not necessarily vegetarian but at least one not streetside with cars whooshing by. Thanks!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > the Badi Hotel

Badi Hotel
Huancheng Beilu no. 21
tel. 0871 63535400

good wifi, bike rental, coin-operated laundromat


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