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I second that! Its right down the street from my house. Good deal and the girl at the front is nice to look at while waiting for your food—


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@kiara- the next festival should be same holiday weekend next year. Hosting an event of this size and planning in rural Yunnan takes a massive amount of work from many dedicated people. So I think they will just do it once a year from now on.

As far as the bar management and food situation, people can see what they want to see. It takes an enormous amount of effort and money to put on this kind of festival especially in rural China. All the staff at the festival were unpaid volunteers who wanted to be involved to make the party possible. And the organizers worked very hard to put on a full menu of reasonably priced delicous food. I think it would be a challenge for even some of kunming most popular expat restaurants to serve 350 hungry people a full menu for a whole weekend.
The food and drink sales from the bar is what makes the event possible. If people bring in their own food it does not support the event and also creates a lot of trash in the camp grounds.

As I said, people can see how they want to see, they can see the large crowd around the bar waiting for food and drink as poor management or they could see it as a chance to chat with some new friends while the volunteers work very hard to get them their orders.

In my opinion most everyone got the vibe of the festival and saw that it was about coming together in a beautiful place for a weekend and sharing a positive outlook on life with lots of interesting people.


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