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Forums > Food & Drink > Chinese Restaurant suitable for a group of 12 tourists?

Thanks for all the recs so far!

I'll definitely check them out on arrival. The Dai places sounds great, I'd seen the reviews for that, perhaps good for the end of the trip rather than the beginning (after the long haul flight).

I think 1910 should be walking distance from our hotel so a better option for the first night. 50-100rmb is fine, great in fact, by European standards.

Tommann - what is (and where is?) "金马坊" ? sounds interesting.

Forums > Food & Drink > Chinese Restaurant suitable for a group of 12 tourists?

Could someone possibly give me some suggestions for suitable Chinese restaurants near the centre of Kunming for an evening meal for 12 new arrivals in China? It's a group of European tourists who are arriving for a trip in Yunnan and will spend one night in Kunming on arrival, and one before departure.

I need to take them out for a meal, but do not know Kunming myself.

Although they are likely to be well-seasoned travellers, since it will be their first night away and possibly their first ever experience of 'real' Chinese restaurants, I would prefer to go somewhere that is slightly on the cleaner side, but primarily I am interested in great tasting food and a good dining atmosphere. It does not need to be fancy or expensive, indeed I would prefer it not to be. We will be staying close to the junction of Baita and Tuodong Roads, and I would prefer the restaurant to be within (easy) walking distance of the hotel if possible.

I read about the Chongqing Cygnet Hotpot restaurant in the forum, which sounds good in that they would get to try the famous crossing the bridge noodle dish but the restaurant's website made it look like it is quite flash and possibly a bit formal (and expensive?). Any opinions?

What about 1910 La Gare Du Sud – or is this also quite formal and expensive?

Thanks in advance for any help. I will be arriving a day or two before the group so will go and check out any suggestions personally.


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