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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Myanmar border crossing - tourist visa renewal

> I even went to the Chinese border post without passing through Lao customs/immigration

Correction on my part: I cycled to the Lao/Chino border north of Muang Sing a month ago! The officials there spotted me immediately and told me to turn back (I think it's only open for locals right?). Still they were pretty relaxed and let me walk around the area for half an hour or so.

> Going to Vietnam [...] might actually make a more interesting and somewhat quicker trip than heading all the way down to Laos in my opinion

I'm sorry, I left out a vital bit of information - that I will be travelling towards Xishuangbanna after this weekend with a friend for a week or so, so I will be quite close to Laos. Although If I renew my visa at the end of next week, it would only be ~16 days into my first 30 month block. Not great.
Thanks for the prices Joe, always worth knowing, and for the confirmation on a turn around visa - great!

The idea of going to Vietnam does sound interesting - I've heard Sapa is nice (although a little tourist-spoilt), so it may be nice to travel down there. I've travelled Luang Namtha region quite a bit, so going into Laos there wouldn't be ideal as you say. But if I can do a turnaround then it'll save me a little money and hassle...

Asanee - do you know roughly how long does it take to get a Viet visa in Kunming? I'll be arriving Friday evening (for the tournament registration party!), then most likely leaving on the Monday - I expect that's too short for the consulate?

As always, thanks for all the useful info and I'll see you (Joe) at the end of the week!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Myanmar border crossing - tourist visa renewal

Great, thanks Anasee for the detailed report, really useful!

Seems like Myanmar is a no go then, unless things have changed in the past 2 months...
I guess I will be heading to Laos - I'm British and as such require a visa prior to arrival for Vietnam, so I don't think it's an option going there. Laos I can pick one up for $35 (I was there a month ago, but coming from the opposite direction - Thailand!)
But if what you say is true and a turnaround is possible, then I can save myself a few $$!

Actually I visited the border from the Laos side a month ago as well (cycled up to it, just to see what was what), and it all seemed pretty relaxed - my Laos isn't too bad so if I am stuck maybe I can bargain a deal ;-)

Thanks again for all the info. Looking forward to arriving in Kunming for the weekend Ultimate tournament!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Myanmar border crossing - tourist visa renewal

Hi all,

I was issued with a 2 month tourist visa in Hong Kong last week, but unfortunately it's double entry visa, max stay is 30 days at a time. As such, I am looking for the easiest place for me to exit then re-enter China to get my 2nd entry and second '30 days'. (Aside: I had an invitation letter and lots of paperwork when applying for the visa, but it doesn't seem like HK is offering 2-3 month single visas at all atm).

I will be in Kunming at the end of this week (for the Kunming Hat, if anybody else knows about it!), and was wondering if there's any news on the Ruili crossing, and whether it's possible to get a one day visa for Myanmar (just to renew my visa and get another 30 days), like it is in Thailand?

The most recent information I can find on the crossing is from, but this info seems to be for actually entering Myanmar, and not just a visa renewal.

Any tips or ideas on how easy it is to get an entry/exit stamp for Myanmar? Also - any recommendations on where I might get more information once in Kunming?

Otherwise, I think I may have to go to the Laos border. Is it possible to skip in and out without paying the $35 for a Lao visa?

Thanks in advance


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Great to get a glimpse of the daily Kunming life!

Call me picky, but I wouldn't necessarily say that farming methods are 'improving'. Yes, newer methods are producing higher yields, but some may claim that chemicals and mass-farming isn't an 'improvement' ;-)


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