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Yello ! U know something. I think Kunming is great because you cool people are there !

Have a great day and I cant say thank you enough.

I have some more thinking to do, now that what you told me causes me to procrastinate. But I very likely will make a trip to KM a reality very shortly to check it out first. Hhhmmm I thought the photos are really beautiful and close to nature.

Take care,

Hi ! I am attracted to the "Spring" city element and the eco-friendly environment of kunming. That's why I am very very close to signing -on a Homestay program from a US-based company called Mindsabroad. The agent has also arranged a No-Pay Intern job for me.

I read from another forum that such homestay programs are scams.

Any kind soul will like to enlighten me before i remit the payment to Mindsabroad ?

Thank you so much,


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