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Incredibly ill-informed article. Is this what passes for journalism nowadays? Aconite or wolfsbane (Fu Zi) has been used safely for at least 2000 years of recorded history since its first mention in the Shen Nong Ben Cao. It is a key herb in the Chinese herbal materia medica. It is and always has been prepared in a totally non-secret way. Pick up any Chinese materia medica (i.e. do rudimentary research) and you will find detailed descriptions of the preparation method. Yunnan baishao may have a proprietary method which they protect like any herbal company would. The reason why it has different labelling for domestic and foreign markets is because some foreign markets have banned it for no justifiable scientific reason. Modern research has shown categorically that its toxicity is reduced to safe levels after undergoing those preparation methods.

Another in a litany of terrible, confused and incompetent articles about Chinese Herbal Medicine. Go back to journalism school.


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