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I was there with my 11 year old daughter freezing and feeling people, smoking and coughing near us. Amazed at how people snatched extra food trays to resell them and others did not get any food. Saw how a few people did freely offer their food to my daughter and me. strange counterdictions. Met folks on our flight who shared that there are no updates and there is no language limitation-no person is being informed.

We were fortunate enough to have our multiple delayed Xian flight to takeoff eventually.

Question: For Chinese New Year- Is Hong Kong, Shanghai or taiwan airports better equipped to handle fog and the such, should they occur?
I mad travel plans and am rethinking my plans through.
Loved Dali- but what a mess at the airport. We have slept overnight at the Kunming airport two weeks ago and the coldness outdoes the Yubulli slopes weather.


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