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Hi everyone,

Cafe Paris i now opened. The location is in front of Li Gong Da Xue door n*1, just behind the bank of china office.

If you can't find it or have any question, don't hesitate to call me : 13529070132

See you soon

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Hello lesterness,

I'm the owner of Café Paris. We are currently under construction, we moved the old place to a new location which is still in front of University of Science and Technology. We'll be opened from the beginning of march : soft opening in beginning of march and opening party in mid-march. Hope to see you there when we'll have opened !


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Cheng gong is a beautiful place to live. The air quality is better than in KM, you have all the facilities in the university city you would need : sports playground, parks, restaurants, bar ... There's a nice place in front of 理工大学 called Cafe de Paris where you can find decent burgers and pizzas as well as a good selection of imported beers for a good price. There are many expats here : french, american, thai. The area is moving quickly and becomes very attractive.
If you have any other question, let me know i live there for the momenet


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