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Hi all,
I'm in the process of getting a student visa through my school and they just called me to say that I have to go to the Public Security Bureau tomorrow for an interview. I'm a bit concerned and I'm wondering, is this common? Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect at the interview?

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I just arrived in China with a multiple entry tourist (L) visa good for 30 days after each entry. But, I'm going to be here for almost three months.

Is there an easy and affordable way to get the visa converted to a three month visa? Or should I just plan to make a couple of border runs to Laos?

Thanks in advance for advice!


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I'm friends with a retired professor who has actively opposed this project. He says that although the water from the Niulan River looks clean, it is actually very high in heavy metals - since there is a lot of industrial activity in the Songming/Qujing area. On the other hand, the water in Dianchi is still relativity low in heavy metals.

The algae blooms that riddle Dianchi are mainly caused from too much nitrogen input in the lake, stemming from fertilizer runoff and raw sewage. Nitrogen is not toxic per se, and if the inputs were curtailed then the algae blooms would diminish in due time.

But, heavy metals will last much longer in the environment and will bioaccumulate (become more concentrated higher up in the food chain).

Hopefully this provides a little food for thought. Clean-looking "fresh" water is not necessarily clean. Dirty-looking water may be much less dangerous than assumed. It seems that the local government is more invested in getting Dianchi to appear clean. At least this is my understanding. Please correct me if I'm wrong about anything.


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