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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tourist Visa's killing me softly

Invitation letter is dead easy. Anyone living legally in China can usually write it. When I have had family and friends come to visit I have just written it myself (I'm Australian with a working visa).

Just be aware that whoever writes it essentially is responsible if you violate your visa, so be considerate to whoever you ask and follow the rules.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Buying Mac in PRC or HK

As a long term Mac user in Kunming and thought I would clarify a few things:

- I have used Apple products for years and never had to show a receipt when taking them for repairs under warranty. If you are pedantic and it really concerns you, then get a warranty, but in 15 years of using Apple products I've never needed it for repairs.

- Despite warranties being international, I have had very occasional trouble getting overseas purchases repaired in Kunming when the Chinese version (iPhone in particular) differs from overseas version.

- If you are not a Chinese citizen and you bring your passport with you, the following place is the only place that can usually deal with the overseas warranty issue:
昆明, 云南 650000
One time they had to replace my Australian iPhone with a CN version because the parts were different. Was still 100% free and works fine.

- If you want to buy Mac stuff at close to HK prices, many of the Mac stores in Kunming will offer you the choice of CN version or HK version. More expensive than buying in HK, but cheaper than normal China prices.

- All Mac products are international and don't have language restrictions (as stated by laotao above).

- Never tried the Taobao route as I prefer to have a place I can easily take things back to if there is a problem.

- DAC Kunming is my favourite Apple store in Kunming as the guys there really understand how to mod a Mac to get the best performance. For products out of warranty (or you voided warranty by modding your Mac), their repairs are also cheap and good. Call 4006687704 (not an ad, they are just good and speak English)

Hope this helps

Forums > Food & Drink > Dim Sum?

@opper @mmkmteacher Good recommendation. You are both talking about the same place :)

I just paid a visit for lunch to check it out. Great value. Quality not up to 新人人 standard (which is still doesn't come close to HK or GD standards) but provides pretty serious competition to 深圳酒楼. Cheaper and more central are definitely huge pluses though. Range of dim sum items more limited... Sad considering that even 新人人 has only a fraction of the dishes you would expect in HK.

Forums > Living in Kunming > moving to kunming

@Alien: Fair call. I wouldn't take the risk with my own child, but accept that the city has obviously successfully delivered millions of babies over the years and that most have no problem.

Just feel that if you have the choice of where to give birth, choose the place with the best possible medical care. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


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While I am on the topic of calendars, a schedule of minority festivals around the province would be awesome too.

All looks good.. Have always thought that the calendar would be well served by an "add this event" or "subscribe" button that would allow users to add events to their personal calendars with a click or subscribe to events at their favourite venues.

Awesome article. Thanks Matthew and GoKunming for getting this out early so that people can plan to get down to experience this.

Has GoKunming ever looked at creating a festivals Wiki page or something with a list of all these random things that happen around the province. It seems impossible to stay informed of these until it is too late. Might be easier to accomplish it it was community driven.

Also, those maps are fantastic. What program was used to make them??

Motor boats aren't allowed on the lake, with the exception of safety craft operated by the local government. All the fishing vessels you see are powered the old fashioned way.

As for the road, at the moment you can take the Kunyu highway about half the way and then have to turn off onto smaller roads. Wouldn't be so difficult driving if their weren't so many trucks on the road which struggle with the hills and some of the bumpier sections. Once you get to the lake however, it is pretty smooth driving, and a really easy connection from Yuxi City (still involves a few painful sections though). Normally takes about 45 mins to reach the lake from downtown Kunming.



Awesome little bakery. Lots of interesting food. For every Australian out there, the meat pies smelled great, though they weren't ready for eating when I went in. Will definitely be back for those soon.


Word. Sandra's rocks. Y'all have amazing food. The table out the front is the best!!!