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Forums > Living in Kunming > Attention all you potheads and drug users

Pot seems to be growing in popularity in Kunming. I somewhat regularly see Chinese people wearing cannabis-related clothing, whereas a few years ago I never saw such a thing.

If the drug busts become a national thing rather than just a Beijing thing, there are going to be *a lot* of foreigners getting deported from this city...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Things to do besides going to bars?

Lots of suggestions, thanks everyone.

HFCAMPO, I actually agree with you that boredom is an absurd state of mind, despite mistakenly using the word in my first post. But now I have a list of new and interesting things to try in Kunming, which was what I was hoping for when making this topic.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Things to do besides going to bars?

I used to enjoy going to bars but the experience has become stale to me. A couple of my best friends left Kunming, leaving me bored and wanting to find new things to do. If anyone is interested in playing tennis/badminton or some games at Game Cafe, PM me. Also interested in other suggestions.

Forums > Food & Drink > morning coffee and study near wenlin jie?

Dona Donuts on Jianshe Lu has mediocre donuts and coffee (by American standards), but it has a nice, relatively quiet area you can go to study. And although the coffee isn't great it's half the price of most cafes.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese explorer found America?

I like how the article begins, "Does a 600-year-old Chinese map prove that Christopher Columbus was not the first explorer to navigate the New World?" then proceeds to state the map is actually from the 18th century. If you just look at the map it's somehow got all of North/Central America shaped relatively correct and South America's general shape as well. What's more likely, that Zheng He explored and mapped the entire North/South American continents or that this single map from the 18th century is misattributed to him?

"But the Daily Mail says he "can no longer be called an amateur" after his most recent efforts."

So the Daily Mail, basically the Fox News of UK, says he can "no longer be called an amateur." It must be true!


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The rent price is so ridiculous, I simply don't understand it. How can even the most successful establishments on the street like Salvador's survive this kind of rent? I think the landlords are screwing themselves in the long run, Wenhua Xiang will become a vacant lot as businesses scramble to find sane rent prices in another area.