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morning coffee and study near wenlin jie?

jojio (54 posts) • 0

Have so much to study, and so little time in my day!
used to waking early and noticed most places don't open until 9-10am.
any suggestions?

studying near wenlin jie...
dont need much more than a coffee and a table to sit. i guess mcdo near my house would do, but hey! any other suggestions happily welcomed.

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

I sometimes go to Pauls cafe after my early class finishes. I'm not sure exactly what time they open but they have a breakfast menu that stops serving at 9:30 so I'm guessing at least 8am. They only have outside seating though, but it's great on a sunny day. Next to the Yunnan uni hotel on Wenhua Xiang.

There's also the Sunshine cafe inside Yunnan university.

DanTheMan (600 posts) • 0

Not what you're looking for, I know, but these hand-powered grinders with ceramic burr work great: item.taobao.com/[...]

Add a french press for another 100 and a bag of beans for 50 and you've looking at dozen cups of coffee for 300 kuai and then only a few kuai a cup after that.

jojio (54 posts) • 0

@Dan: sounds like a nice thing to own, but i'd still need the table to study at!
@mPRin: thanks, i'll check and see where those places are. 8am open is ok for me. gives an hour or two before hitting class.

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

The Sunshine cafe is a little hard to find if you're not used to the campus. From the gate on 121 street keep walking straight for two minutes and you can't miss it.

pbb28 (12 posts) • 0

Dona Donuts on Jianshe Lu has mediocre donuts and coffee (by American standards), but it has a nice, relatively quiet area you can go to study. And although the coffee isn't great it's half the price of most cafes.

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

Not sure if you need to study in a café or if that's some hip novelty. It's a very expensive activity and in China often uncomfortable: loud and bad wifi. Studying at home eliminates most of these problems.

But if you really do like studying outside before 9am, it would seem a lot of hotels have lobbies where you can get a coffee and a table, most schools will offer the same amenities. Schools have that extra bonus that they may have idle teachers running around and bookshelves full of study material.

jojio (54 posts) • 0

ended up buying a thermos and can sit in the park or, as suggested, at school. havent the time yet to get a desk in the house and yeah, getting my hiney out of the house early is a "need". a brisk ride on the bike, then a coffee and review always works for me. gets the juices flowing somewhat. thanks for all info folks. will check out the suggests.

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

Yea what a dead city. Places don't open until 9 or 10 in the morning and then close at 9 or 10 at night. BORING!

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