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Forums > Travel Yunnan > How about visiting my home village?

Hi, this is Phillip, an MA in English, a Lalo boy (a member of Yi ethnic group) from a mountain village in south part of Dali Prefecture of Yunnan, China. I'm planning to go back my home village for a Yi traditional festival. I have an idea to invite you to be my guests and to go sightseeing around my hometown for about three day travel (August 13-15). Would you like to come with me?
The specific location is googled at Mihaidi Xiacun, Xiaowan Dongzhen, Nanjian County, Dali Prefecture, about 500km from Kunming.
My home village is solely consists of Lalo subgroup of Yi people about 300 households.
The festival is a traditional one, you can see the customs with me.
I'm fluent in local Yi languages, Mandarin and English, as well as knowing a little French. I'd like to serve as the guide and interpreter for you without any charge.
I will see who can come with me at Thursday evening (August 11) and make the necessary preparations on the next day (August 12), and we will start early from Kunming to my hometown on Saturday.
The whole traffic fees and meals in town will be your own account, the village meals might be free, and the meals at my homes are definitely free, haha.
Please contact my e-mail if you are interested in my invitation!

Forums > Study > Welcome to Oral English Club: Kunming

Thanks Ouyang, I really appreciate your advice! My e-mail is, I'd like to contact you, if you want to get any help from me, you can give me email, yet everyone who is intending to take an intercultural communication is welcome to come this club, please note, Kunming English Club, id:102566939, thanks for attention!

Forums > Study > Night Schools or Weekend Schools

i can teach Yi language, from Dali prefecture, am a native Yi language speaker, and a postgraduate student majoring in translation. if i can help you, please contact: cn, or by tele: 13648717607


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